Frequently Asked Questions

What is Popularise?

Popularise is an online crowdsourcing platform focused on local development.
Popularise gives:

  • You the power to get involved in local development
  • “Builders” a new way to interact with their local community and customers.

How does Popularise work?

“Builders” submit their projects to Popularise, which vets each project and then creates a Drawing Board for the project. On each Drawing Board, you can give input, comment, support an idea, or even submit your own idea. To summarize:

  1. Local communities bring their market knowledge, ideas, and support to help actively shape their neighborhoods and city;
  2. “Builders” source great ideas, gauge popular demand, and increase visibility of their project; and
  3. Small businesses can submit themselves as ideas for projects and campaign for valuable local support.

What’s a “Builder”?

A Builder is someone who is transforming real places in your city. A Builder could be a developer, property owner, small business operator, architect, restaurateur, city official, or even you. The one thing Builders have in common is that they have a local project and are interested in hearing your input.

What’s a “Drawing Board”?

Builders set up Drawing Boards to involve you in the planning and design stage of a project. The Builder posts information on a project, including a photo, question, and project description, and asks you for your feedback and input. On a Drawing Board you can:

  • Support an idea (by clicking the “Build it” button)
  • Comment on an idea or project
  • Suggest your own idea
  • Follow a project
  • Share the project or idea with your friends

What’s the “Build It” button?

The “Build It” button is a tool that allows you to show your support for different ideas and Builders to gauge local demand and interest for those ideas.

Why should I “Build it”?

Ultimately, Popularise is a tool that lets local communities bring their market knowledge, ideas, and support to help actively shape projects in their city, i.e. the power is in the crowd. The more popular an idea the more likely a Builder is to consider it when planning and designing their project.

Do the most popular ideas always get chosen?

No, Drawing Boards are a tool to improve the planning and design of a project. They let you give feedback, ideas, and support. They are NOT elections.

Popularity is only one factor to consider in determining an idea’s viability. Responsible Builders must also take into account the suitability, economics, personality mesh, as well as a multitude of other factors when making a decision.

What makes an idea viable?

Each project posted on Popularise is different with its own complexities and constraints. When a Builder creates a Drawing Board, they can describe the various factors to be considered in the planning and design of their project. You should take these factors into account when suggesting or supporting an idea or business.

For example: a gym isn’t usually a viable business idea for a 1,000 square foot building. A bakery that can afford to pay $2,000 a month in rent is not a viable business idea for a space that requires $10,000 a month.

The good news is that if an idea is really popular on one Drawing Board, other Builders may recognize it and try to incorporate it into their own projects.

How do I become a Builder and start a Drawing Board?

Do you have a local project and are interested in getting the input of the local community? Anyone can submit their project to us here. If it's a real project we will work with you to start your own Drawing Board on Popularise.